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"Thanks to Gaëlle for the energy healing session that she did on me. I arrived with a lot of questions and concerns, I for whom the mind plays a big part in my way of functioning. With her kindness, her openness and her beautiful energy, as well as her skills, she allowed me, through this session, to give myself a different direction as to the reflections I had about myself. Being a coach, I even find that it is a great tool to help you be guided towards a blooming fulfilment sought by going further than the conscious, further than the here and now, further than the self. I strongly recommend this session which was an enriching and pleasant moment."

Yasmine ~ Life Coach

Rosana ~ Bio-medical Scientist

"I have had two healing sessions with Gaëlle in Dakar and it was sensational. In fact, during the first session, I had sensations in certain parts of my body and I was left with a pain that emerged, which I understood in our second session that it had been buried deep down and that we had managed to reduce. Shortly after this second session, the pain disappeared completely.

Thank you Gaëlle for all the dedication and love that you put into each session. I rightly recommend it for people who are looking for energy-related help to work on themselves or any inexplicable discomfort."

Alizée ~ Doctor of Pharmacy

"A healer ?

An energy healing ?

It doesn't mean anything to me ! I really don't believe in those things. But everyone tells me to try !

Following an injury, Gaëlle heals me and I feel something ... That's weird ! Knowing that I didn't believe in it at all !

I end up making an appointment and trying and ...

I am in TOTAL amazement !!!!!

Gaëlle, in one session, brought me so many answers to certain issues I was stuck on ! It brought me a relief that I hadn't felt in a long long time !

I was won over !!!!

I highly recommend it !! And believe me, you are lucky to have her by your side !"

Jenny ~ Beauty Institute Director

"Gaëlle is exceptional in her practice. Conscientious and passionate, she listens to your body and will detect the wounds that are ingrained in you. At the end of each session, a state of well-being overwhelms you and then you enter in a phase of questioning, during which Gaëlle translates everything your body is telling you .... Her healing sessions have brought me so much contentment, both personally and emotionally, because I understood certain things that were buried for a long time and which still shape today my way of seeing things and living my life. I recommend you to try a session with Gaëlle and let yourself be carried along."

"A huge thanks to Gaëlle, for her gentleness, her kindness, her non-judgmental listening, and her authentic sharing in healing the soul and the body.

Gaëlle always shows great delicacy in transmitting the words her guides send her, without ever harming and above all by giving you an endless amount of love.

It allowed me to put myself back together and heal, to be more at peace, and more confident.

Each session was a great moment of happiness.

She is a lovely encounter that I highly recommend.

A million thanks to you Gaëlle !"

Evelyne ~ Housewife

"My encounter with Gaëlle was a real blessing in my existence ! She offers a kind attentiveness, a reassuring speech, beneficial tools and above all, an unparalleled support. Thank you Gaëlle for giving me the keys to access a sweeter life, where I am in phase with myself and fulfilled with gratitude. I recommend the whole world to cross your path, to take the necessary time to evolve by your side and to apply a little more each day all of your precious guidance. "

Charline ~ Travel Designer

"My session with Gaëlle was surprising, soothing and a source of deep happiness.

It was surprising because in the space of two hours, without speaking to me and by touching only my feet, Gaëlle understood, and made me realise certain elements of my past which affected my present well-being. I know that some people capture our energies, I sometimes experience it myself, but it is always curious to know that an outside person can read you without speaking.

It was soothing because she identified the mechanisms that I unconsciously put in place and thanks to her insight, I took another step towards the permanent elimination of these mechanisms. She was able to comfort my soul that needed mending and allowed me to reconnect with my essential values, and to disconnect from these little things that do not matter and that I gave way too much attention to.

And lastly, it was a source of happiness because during the session, my fiancé appeared to me. He didn't say anything, he didn't do anything except stand by me. My love for him grows more and more, and I deeply cherish every moment when his love for me invades me. I experienced one of these moments during my session with Gaëlle. And there is nothing like love to recharge your batteries.

Thank you Gaëlle for having opened my eyes once more to the power of our souls and to the love that mine carries. "

Iris ~ Commercial Development Manager in Solar Energy

"When a friend told me about the sessions with Gaëlle, I didn't really know what to expect but I went there with great happiness. I knew that in any case I had nothing to lose and at best everything to gain.

Our first session arrived, and after the usual greetings and explanations, I laid down for an hour and a half and slept for 40 minutes, and at the end of the healing I sat down for the debriefing. This is where Gaëlle’s magic was revealed to me. Without having told her anything, she had put words on my wounds. I was quite amazed by its almost magical power. I was so thrilled by her remarkable work that I convinced my husband to try it. Being a very rational man, he went there in the beginning just to please me but he made the same observation that I had at the end of his first session : he was amazed, so amazed that he even thought that I had entrusted Gaëlle with his secrets !!

This is how we continued our work with her. During each session, she pointed out a different issue which was so real and present in our lives.

Over the sessions, we felt lighter, both making decisions to get better. We have regained power over our lives thanks to Gaëlle's accurate observations and her kindness.

We regret her departure and encourage you all to take advantage of her beautiful presence."

Madeleine ~ Hypnotherapist

"I didn't expect much when my Mom suggested that I meet Gaëlle and try a session with her. It was the best decision I made this whole year, and I mean it ! Gaëlle is that kind of person whom, when you meet her, you instantly love her. I knew that this year would be the beginning of an extraordinarily positive change for me, and I could never have done it without her help. It is such an amazing experience, and I’ve come out of it a better person each time through. There’s a song I’m often listening to right now in which there’s a sentence that says “I swear I've seen an Angel” and it always makes me think of Gaëlle.

I will never thank you enough for your time, your help, your support, your authenticity and quite simply for everything you do. You’re an angel among us, I’m sure."

Seyna ~ Psycho-Educational Support Student

Image de Johny Goerend

"Receiving this healing session from Gaëlle was not only a moment of letting go and relaxation, but it also brought me a great psychological benefit. Gaëlle treats ailments, gently and delicately. Her healing is in no way intrusive, nor unsettling. During the whole session, Gaëlle uses hands-on healing and acts on what needs to be corrected. At the end of the session, she takes the time to describe what she perceived, and how she responded to it. I left this healing session totally serene and well-rested. I would have loved to have done several more sessions if I had had more time with her. It is literally a genuine positive energy therapy !"

Clémence ~ Procurement Manager

"Gaëlle came into my life as an angel would have done.

Her spirit and positive energy are so vibrant and we connected from the very beginning. She is truly a natural healer and my first session with her was breathtaking because she was able to immerse herself into my soul without making me feel neither stressed nor anxious despite everything that was going on in my life at that time. It was intense and so incredible at the same time that she was able to open and see through me, but also understand some parts of me that were just waiting to be acknowledged and accepted in order to move forward and make the right adjustments in my life. Her energy has always lifted me and I believe without a doubt that she is a true healer !

I am so grateful to have met this wonderful lady and I am sure that she will continue to help people become a better version of themselves. She has a natural gift and will always do wonderful things.

Thank you so very much Gaëlle for being in my life and allowing me to learn and work on my journey to achieve the only purpose of life ... Being happy within myself so that I can live and love in a deeper and more fulfilled manner."

Emilie ~ Life Coach

Les calanques

"I did several PSYCH-K sessions with Gaëlle and I found her technique very powerful. Seemingly simple, I became aware of all the "remarks" of everyday life I had, these limiting beliefs, which stimulate my fears, prevent me from moving forward and sabotage my self-confidence. We all have them and Gaëlle gives the opportunity to identify them and to work on them in depth. She invites you to be physically and emotionally involved in your own well-being, while using her energy-healing skills and her connection with the Universe to strengthen the effect. It has been several years since I left that phase where I needed to understand where my blockages came from. Working with this healing technique, I find that we are going straight to the point, we take perspective on the overall situation to work in depth on the blocking points, in order to clear them and move forward. There is no need for several years of therapy, Gaëlle is one of those practitioners whose work produces noticeable effects very quickly in our lives. It is a chance to have her by my side in this phase of my life. Many thanks to her !"

Sandra ~ Health Coach specialised in pregnant women and new mothers

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