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PSYCH-K® session in depth

The PSYCH-K® method, which was developed more than 30 years ago by Rob Williams and Dr Bruce Lipton, stems from a set of deep processes helping the subconscious mind to recondition limiting beliefs as well as perceptions of stressful situations that sabotage your life and that you carry sometimes without even being aware of it. This tool will also allow you to understand the symbolism behind the physical symptoms that you endure or the situations that you undergo in your life so as to free yourself from their grip. With this technique, you will be able to quickly and painlessly change the subconscious beliefs that limit the full expression of your potential in life. This includes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Thanks to an innovative approach aimed at facilitating change at the subconscious level, where around 95% of our consciousness operates, PSYCH-K® can release stress, trauma, wounds, blockages, phobias, addictions, deeply-rooted allergies, as well as any other limiting "obstacle" in your life in the space of just a few minutes. In this way, you can quickly free yourself from limiting beliefs and implement new positive-thinking patterns instead, allowing a new positive dynamic to lead you to the life you really want.

During the session, we will define the current situation you are in and then determine what you would like to feel instead. From this point on, we will use the muscle-testing method to establish communication with your subconscious mind and once permission is obtained, we can implement the belief change process. Depending on each case, we may be able to deal with one or more issues during each session.

This method is suitable for people of all ages, including children.


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"Everything seems impossible until it is done."

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