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Your healing starts here

Health Coaching ~ Energy Healing ~ PSYCH-K®
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Gaelle Bichelot

I am an energy healer, a PSYCH-K® facilitator, a health, nutrition and lifestyle coach, and a pastry cook in my spare time.

After having led a vibrant life on several continents, a pilgrimage back to my African roots opened me up to a new horizon through the journey of self-discovery by getting me off my beaten track ; through the meeting of extraordinary people who guided me along the way ; and through life experiences that led me to change the course of my destiny. Having begun my professional career as a cost controller in Africa, I then moved to France to pursue my passion by becoming a pastry cook but Love led me to return to Africa and to reveal myself in energy-giving, healing and self-development.

Being highly intuitive and having always had within myself, ever since I can remember, a deep and instinctual need to want to help and support others, it was only natural for me to return to the very essence of what defines me in order to be of service to others. And this journey was made possible thanks to the exceptional chance that I had of being awakened by an incredibly powerful Cape Verdean shaman and of learning from her all the wisdom and the ancestral African techniques that were passed down from generation to generation, to be able develop and cultivate my healing gift for the body, the mind and the soul.

"Joy is the sun of all souls ; it illuminates the one who owns it and warms all those who receive its rays."

                                                                                                             ~ Carl Reysz

Meet Gaëlle
Health coaching

What is health coaching ?

A holistic approach addressing all the spheres of your life
Poudres et grains

Learn to listen to the messages 

that your body is sending you and discover the foods that

work for you so you can let

them feed your life. 


Learn how everything in your life affects the well-being of your body and mind.


Establish a connection of authenticity, respect and trust in each relationship

you harvest.

Working woman.jpg

Find the confidence to      

create the life you want on a professional level by fulfilling

yourself day after day.

Physical activity

Find out how beneficial body movement is for health, longevity and disease-prevention.

Connect with your true essence and discover your authentic passion

and life-meaning.

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Energy Healing
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Intuitive Energy Healing

Passionate about the energy that flows within us, I work on the four bodies of Energy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) using various techniques and disciplines to help you find harmony and a complete well-being of the body, spirit and soul.

"The adventure of life is to learn.

  The purpose of life is to grow.

  The nature of life is to change.

  The challenge of life is to overcome.

  The essence of life is to care.

  The opportunity of life is to serve.

  The secret of life is to dare.

  The spice of life is to befriend.

  The beauty of life is to give.

  The joy of life is to love."

                                           ~ William Arthur Ward

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PSYCH-K® method

What if you could quickly and painlessly change your limiting beliefs, at the subconscious level, that sabotage your full potential ?

Well, you can !

 PSYCH-K® is an interactive, non-invasive change process that has been scientifically proven for over 30 years. The processes are simple and very powerful and allow changing limiting beliefs, thoughts and subconscious programming.

As a result, you have the power and ability to naturally change what you think, perceive and feel, as well as the way you define yourself in your life and how you interact with others.

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Image de Daniela Izotenko
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"Gaëlle is an exceptional encounter. The energy she passes is beautiful and pure. She gave me a new lease of life when I needed it most. She was able to realign and reconnect me with my authentic self and show me that there is an infinite well of love within each and every one of us. Her sessions are a gift from heaven."

Cherine ~ Energy Healer

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Health Coaching

1 hour

60€ incl. VAT

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Energy Healing
for children
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Energy Healing
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2 hours

120€ incl. VAT

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Energy Healing
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1 hour 30 minutes

100€ incl. VAT

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130€ incl. VAT

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2 hours

The sessions can also be done remotely, please contact me for more details. 

All the sessions that I offer, whether a health coaching session, an energy healing session or a PSYCH-K® session, aim to get you to :

discover and love the extraordinary soul that is hidden within you ;

get to know yourself in depth and know how to act in all circumstances in a confident, liberated and caring manner ;

feel alive and become the best version of yourself ;

and allow you to achieve by yourself a global and lasting state of well-being.

45€ incl. VAT

45 minutes

1 hour 30 minutes

90€ incl. VAT

Contact details

"The greatest secret to happiness is to be at peace with one's self."

~ Bernard Le Bouyer de Fontenelle

Thank you for your message !

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